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When planning your wedding there are things that are nice to know, like how to set up a budget, how to please both guests and family or how to even start the planning process itself. Planning for a destination wedding when you are miles away from the destination of choice can be a daunting task. The first, and most critical decision, can be the hardest –  choosing a wedding planner.

Stella ‘forced’ herself to be in front of the camera for a change and explains briefly how Stella & Moscha work with couples and bring a bride’s dream into reality. Watch the video below for  a ‘face to face’ with Stella giving some great planning advice.

Here is some inspiration for your Greek Island Wedding, which Stella talks about in the video above.

Greek Island Santorini Wedding Decorations greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0002 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0003 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0004 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0005 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0006 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0007 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0008 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0009 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0010 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0011 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0012 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0013 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0014 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0015 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0016 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0017 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0018 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0019 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0020 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0021 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0022 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0023 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0024 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0025 greek-island-santorini-wedidng-decorations-0026


Images courtesy of the following photographers: Vangelis Beltzenitis // Thanos Asfis // Nikos Gogas //Andrea & Marcus // Antonis Eleftherakis // Anna Roussos // George Pahountis // Jovana & Antonis // George Stratigis

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  1. Simply beautiful! Right from the destination, brides dress, rings, artistic decoration, everything is superb. Also, great planning advice shared here, which you should follow to make your marriage ceremony beautiful. This remembered me of a beautiful love story at Read it to get inspired!

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