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We are often asked by our couples what it is that we do on the day of the event, or days leading up to the event, and where we will be during the wedding day. It is sometimes difficult to put it in words as there is so much going on, plus we literally have to be everywhere – even if it’s physically impossible!

Wedding Planners often find themselves supervising florists setting up and even doing some set up with them in order to ensure the perfect result, lifting and moving equipment around for the right look (for example lanterns are best mixed up with glass vases not just on their own), tasting food during preparation to ensure that it has the right balance of sweet & sour, directing the photographer to take that great shot of the wedding flowers, ensuring all means of transportation from donkeys to Tuk Tuk and 1920’s Ford have been decorated on time, calling the Celebrant to remind him of the correct pronunciation of the couple’s names whilst listening to the Maitre briefing his waiters, reminding staff and vendors to beware of their own personal safety whilst lifting heavy equipment AND watching the waiter carrying the wedding cake up 200 steps on a Cliffside hotel without ruining it……… !

The office dog – our wonderful Azalea contributes in keeping the spirits high. Ooooh and before I forget; find time for some interviews!  Once all this has been taken care of, wear our most beautiful smile and visit the bride who is getting ready, reassuring her that everything is going according to plan!

Members of the team at Stella And Moscha in front of the lens for a change:

GREEK ISLAND WEDDING PLANNERS SANTORINI Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0002 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0003 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0004 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0005 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0006

We use Tuk Tuk’s for a unique form of wedding transportation…

Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0007 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0008 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0009 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0010 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0011 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0012

And donkeys for a very unique, Greek addition to a wedding day!

Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0013 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0014

Staff taking a moment to review the order of service before the ceremonyGreek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0015 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0016

Set up on the beachGreek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0017 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0018 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0019 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0020 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0021 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0022 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0023 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0024 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0025

Head designer taking a photo with wedding entertainers from Germany:Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0026


Stella going through the ceremony with the couple during the wedding rehearsal:Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0028 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0029Stella and one of our brides after the rehearsal:


Venue scouting in Mykonos:Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0031 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0032 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0033 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0034

Stella and Moscha setting up:Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0035

Cakes being delivered, watch your step!Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0037 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0038 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0039 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0040 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0041

Moscha setting up for a wedding proposal Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0042

Supervising Maitre briefing to his waiters:Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0043 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0044

Welcome bags are nicely arranged for guests:Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0045 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0046 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0047 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0048

We love this silhouette of Moscha taken while she was supervising clearing of a venue by vendors:Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0049 Interviews! Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0050 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0051 Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0052

Various decor items in our office ready to be transferred to the venue: Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0053

Aressana Hotel pre wedding meetings…Greek-Island-Wedding-Planners-Santorini-0054

The office dog – our wonderful Azalea…


The team happily posing with the (Thanos Asfis), Videographer (wedfilms)    DJ (Showtimeand  wedding staff at 3am!


Most photos are from our iPhones. There are also images from the following photographers: Antonis Eleftherakis // Vangelis Beltzenitis // George Pahountis // Thanos Asfis

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