Advice for planning an Interfaith Marriage

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Interfaith marriages are becoming more and more common, and couples often choose to  blend two beliefs in their union by bringing in elements & rituals from each one. So whether you choose to have a so called Civil Wedding or a Symbolic Wedding here are some tips for personalizing your ceremony.

First and foremost, if you wish to hold a religious interfaith ceremony then you must make sure that wherever you’re planning to host your ceremony, it’s okay to mix faiths during the service. Not every chapel, church, or temple will be okay with this.

The great thing about Civil and Symbolic Weddings is that Celebrants are quite happy and in most cases allow you to incorporate both traditions, or you can always do two ceremonies, one right after the other.

Early in the process, listen to both families’ views and expectations for your wedding day. You and your husband to be should then decide how to proceed — and lovingly  discuss your choices with your families. Be open and honest with everyone from the start, so they know what you’re planning and why. Many couples create a wedding program that includes explanations and transliterations of specific religious customs, so family and friends can understand and participate in unfamiliar traditions.

01 Greek Trad Musicians by George Pahountis

16 Wedding Crowns Orthodox ritual by

02 Greek Traditional Musicians by 03 Chinese Ritulas by Anna roussos 04 Hindu Wedding by Poole Brothers 05 Hinde3 by Poole Brothers 06 Hindu4 by Poole Brothers

If one of you is of Jewish faith you can have Huppa Style Tent for the Bride & Groom to stand under during the ceremony and even break the glass at the end of it.   For couples where one is Christian Orthodox why not have your Maid Of Honor and Best Man exchange Wedding Crowns as you would do in a Greek Church ceremony (you can even do the full set up with the tall candles). Whilst if one of you is Chinese or Malaysian you may wish to host a Tea Ceremony to honor the elderly as per custom.  For mixed couples were one is of Hindu background you can always host a mini Hindu ceremony by introducing the flower wreath exchange and fire followed by a Civil Wedding.

07 Huppah 2 by George Pahountis08 Huppah for Jewish Ceremony by George Pahountis 09 Iranian Wedding Ceremony Traditions by 10 Iranian Inspired wedding set up by 11 Iranian Inspired2 by 12 Orthodox Rituals by Anna Roussos 13 Greek Wedding Crowns by 14 Orthodox Rituals by 15 Orthodox Wedding Crowns ritual by Anna roussos

Take great care in planning the ceremony. Some interfaith couples choose to follow tradition closely, while others stray from convention. Your wedding planner can help you design a ceremony that works for you. Work together to select readings and rituals that are significant to both of you. This tough-but-worthwhile process will do much more than solidify wedding-day plans — you’ll get a head start learning to compromise, the golden rule of marriage.

Photography: Anna Roussos // George Pahountis // Santorini Photo // Poole Brothers // Wedding Chicks

If you would like some help planning your interfaith wedding in Santorini, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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