Wedding in Messinia, Greece

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Messinia is described as a land of rugged mountains, pristine coastline, secluded bays and endless olive tree groves. The picturesque town of Koroni in Messinia was the host of Kosta and Katerina’s wedding in honor of Katerina’s heritage.

Kostas and Katerina grew up in neighboring towns in Long Island, New York and their families were part of the same Greek community attending St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. Katerina had spotted Kostas during their Church group’s volleyball games and had developed a crush on him at the age of 14. As the years passed, they would exchange glances occasionally when they crossed paths, but never spoke.  Eventually through mutual friends, Kostas noticed Katerina and became intrigued from afar as well. Sixteen years after those high school volleyball games, they literally ran into each other on Park Avenue, in front of Kostas office. They chatted for a few minutes and hit it off immediately. They both knew almost instantly that they were meant for one another and the rest, as they say, is history! A classic love story deserving of this gorgeous Greek wedding.

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Bride’s dress: Pronovias by Manuel Mota // Bride’s shoes: Guiseppe Zanotti // Wedding bands: John Apel // Grooms Tuxedo: Zegna // Groom’s cufflinks: Tiffany // Nails by Manicube // Venue: Camvillia Resort // Photo: Thanos Asfis // Cinematography: Wedfilms // Sound & Light: Showtime DJ’s // Florist: Zerbera Flowers, Kalamata // Wedding Planning & Design: Stella and Moscha

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  1. Pamela says:

    I was just enquiring about your packages prices that you have available was looking at getting married in Greece in 2017 but will be over this year to organise as much as I can this year

  2. Moscha says:

    Hello Pamela, let us know if you received our email. Thank you!

  3. Ashley Beattie says:

    I have just been looking through the photos from the wedding at Camvillia.
    I am currently over in Greece (Kalamata) from England, looking for a wedding venue for July this year. I absolutely love the look of Camvillia, and was wondering how to go about booking there for my wedding day? Could you send me any information, and packages you offer or have information on? I could go tomorrow to have a look at the resort, if I am able to.
    Look forward to hearing from you

    Ashley Beattie xx

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