Stella & Moscha’s Destination Wedding Golden Rulebook

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The wedding experience can be overwhelming for anyone – we know! From day one of planning to the end of music at the reception your wedding will take you through a full spectrum of emotions, cause stress to you and your loved ones and reveal details in planning that can have you spinning for days. So, if you want to make the most of your big day follow these simple tips filled with decades of wisdom from Stella and Moscha’s Golden Rulebook for the Perfect Destination Wedding!!!


You have a very specific idea about your big day. You know what you want and you know how to get it but planning a wedding with venues and vendors hundreds of miles away is no task for one woman. Invest in your and your partner’s mental health and hire a planner. They will take on the tedious job of checking prices, availability, provide you with local insight and help you with details. Involve your partner and friends; people love to feel part of a wedding so give them things to do no matter how small they might seem. Carrying extra items on the plane or checking the currency exchange rates – they will take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

Weddings in Greece

photo Vangelis Beltzenitis | event design StellaAndMoscha

Control your parents

Parents have a very strange idea about their role in their child’s wedding. If they’re picking up the bill it’s understandable that they will meddle but even if they don’t they usually find a way to influence you. There is only one way to deal with loving but pushy parents: Stop them early on! We know your parents only want the best for you but they will hijack a meeting with your planner or the caterer so if you want the wedding to be what you have dreamed of, just tell them, be firm and don’t give in.

Greek Island Weddings

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Do what you like

Half of the stress involved in planning a wedding comes from social standards that need to be adhered to or peer-pressure. Having a destination wedding could be the answer to your prayers because it can practically be an excuse for anything you might want to do outside the norm. Whether it is inviting all your family knowing that half of them won’t come or skipping the church wedding your grandma always wanted, saying “I do” hundreds of miles away from home gives you a free pass to have things your way.


Wedding In Santorini

photo Vangelis Beltzenitis | event design StellaAndMoscha

Be flexible

You love Pinterest, we know. We do too! But be realistic, most photos online are of extravagantly expensive weddings or styled photo shoots where professionals work with a limitless budget for one perfect table. If you are having a destination wedding you will most likely not be able to get the exact vase you saw on your favourite inspiration board and if your planner says you cannot have fuchsia David Austin roses under the Greek sun in August, you should hear them. Trust your planner, work with them and be open while they find the best solutions based on your wedding’s location.

Wedding Flowers

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If you are planning a destination wedding in Bali count on high levels of humidity and if you want a summer wedding in the Mediterranean, expect things to get hot… really hot!  If you want to survive choose the right dress for your location and don’t force your groom to wear a suit at the expense of him sweating uncontrollably. Ask your planner to advise on flowers, timings and if the risk of rain is high enough for you to start thinking of an indoor wedding.

Mykonos Wedding

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 Something WILL go wrong

Weddings are events with many moving parts, involve many people – professionals or not  and they take place in a world far from perfect. Experience has taught us that no matter how well you plan the day something WILL go wrong –  and that’s OK! Power cuts don’t give a head’s up, vendors are humans and they make mistakes and yes, it does rain in the summer from time to time. So if the cake is not the exact shade of marsala you asked for or if the groom misses a step or two during your first dance don’t let it spoil your mood. Sit back, take a deep breath and focus on the love around you.

Romantic Wedding Greece

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 Be present

Everyone will tell you it goes by very fast and you end up forgetting half of it; they are right! You will have a lot of attention on you so you are bound to get lost in all the buzz. Control your stress levels by being prepared. Leave any last minute details to the professionals: your planner will be with you every step of the way and will make sure you enjoy the day stress-free. So, have fun, smile, cry tears of joy and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Wedding Photography

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